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Hot Springs in the Big Sur Area

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The Trail to Sykes Hot Springs has been closed until further notice because of the Soberanes Fire.

Big Sur has two hot springs which are open to the public; Sykes Hot Springs and the hot springs located at the Esalen Institute. Sykes Hot SpringsA third hot springs is located at the Tassajara Zen Center which is accessible by way of Big Sur and an 18 mile hike over the rugged Ventana Wilderness. You can reach Tassajara by automobile through Carmel Valley.

Sykes Hot Springs (right) is a popular hiking destination in the Ventana Wilderness. The springs are farther down the creek than one is led to believe in a few of the guidebooks. Sykes Hot Springs has a stone lined natural tub that sometimes gets washed out in winter storms. Its about 8 feet across and knee deep. It averages about 102 degrees Faihrenheit and can hold about four adults.

Ventana and Silver Peak wilderness maps can be found at with very useful illustrations of camps, water sources and points of interest.

Ventana Wilderness Alliance maintains an online trail guide offering current trail conditions to Sykes Hot Springs as well as many other trails in the Ventana Wilderness, Silver Peak Wilderness, and Los Padres National Forest. It is a very valuable asset in educating yourself about the Big Sur backcountry.

Before hiking into the Ventana Wilderness area you'll need to pick up a free campfire permit or
you can get it online, fill it out and keep it with you. Wilderness permits are not needed. You can park your car at the Big Sur Station for $5.00/night, self pay/registration.

Please review the Sykes specific LEAVE NO TRACE information
prepared by Ventana Wilderness Alliance. To get the latest trail information,

For general questions about the Los Padres National Forest please visit their website and you can speak with a ranger at their headquarters in King City at this number; 831.385-5434.

Sykes Hot Springs
Photo by Brian Wiese


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