monarch butterfly, monarch butterflies, big sur california
monarch butterfly, monarch butterflies, big sur california
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50 places of a lifetimeIn The News is a collection of news related articles or links to articles about Big Sur that are in current newspapers or publications.

National Geographic proclaims Big Sur to be one of "50 Places of a Lifetime."

National Geographic Traveler

PBS broadcasts NATURE Series Living Edens: Big Sur.

America's Byways
Big Sur Coast Highway designated American National Scenic Byway

November 19, 2004
A Soak at the End of the Trail
If you talk to any California hiker about hot springs, chances are Big Sur will come up in the conversation. And there's no more quintessential California hot springs hike than the trail to the fern-banked soak called Sykes, through groves of 300-foot-tall redwoods and the steep chaparral-covered slopes of the Ventana Wilderness, south of Monterey. More-->

Fri, Nov. 05, 2004
Wild condor chick takes off
The last time a condor chick "fledged" in the wild was in 1982
Herald Staff Writer
The first wild condor chick to take flight in California in 22 years sailed into the skies over Ventura County last month.
The young bird was hatched April 9 near Hopper Mountain National Wildlife Refuge. The mother had been released in Big Sur by the Ventana Wildlife Society.
The mother, Condor 161, is "truly a pioneer," said Kelly Sorenson, executive director of the Ventana Wildlife Society, one of the first to be released from captivity into the wild, and now the first to successfully raise offspring in the wild. More-->

Becoming a Full-fledged Condor
Smithsonian Magazine
The California condor learns from people, other condors and the school of hard knocks.
When the last California condor was brought in from the wild in 1987 and put into a breeding program, bringing to 27 the number in captivity, no one knew if the species could recover. To everyone's relief, the survivors mated. As of this summer, 149 condors were living in captivity, and 99 released birds were flying free in central California, Arizona and Baja, Mexico. More-->

Protection of California sea otters is an ongoing effort
Herald Staff Writer
On a winter day 66 years ago, the effort to save the California sea otter began with a telescope on a wooden porch in Big Sur.
That morning, Howard Granville Sharpe found himself with nothing to do, so he wandered out to peer at the rocks at the ocean's edge beneath his cliffside home.
Putting scope to eye, his attention was drawn to some unusual movement in what he thought was a kelp bed at the mouth of Bixby Creek. More-->

Big SurSeptember 21, 2004
Local Historian Captures Big Sur History in Unprecedented Pictorial Collection.
Big Sur, by Jeff Norman, Big Sur Historical Society
Images of America Series
More than 200 stunning vintage images capture Big Sur's heritage from its humble beginnings a century ago to recent decades that positioned the area for the global recognition it enjoys today. Author and historian Jeff Norman, of the Big Sur Historical Society, takes readers on a visual tour of this storied region. From the early days of saw mills and cattle ranches to the present day paradise that is visited by millions a year, Jeff Norman unveils the scenery and people of Big Sur in brilliant fashion. More-->

September 5, 2004
Esalen's Identity Crisis
For Decades, the Scenic Institute in Big Sur Was the Pioneer in the Self-Help Movement. But as Middle Age Approaches, It's Being Forced to Turn the Mirror on Itself.
By Teresa Watanabe
In an emerald expanse of California's majestic Central Coast, a series of intense human explorations are underway. In a large white yurt, several yogis are breathing, bending and meditating to deepen awareness of their Divine Inner Self. Next door, artists are painting doves, dolphins and goddesses as they create mandalas, an ancient symbol of the psyche, in search of self-understanding. Down the road, another group is propped against pillows, shoes kicked off as they analyze one another's dreams and unlock long-buried memories. More-->

August 8
Nothing like kickin' back in Big Sur
By Janet Fullwood
Water swirls around the chairs in the river, ankle-deep, cool, musical. The woods close in, the world retreats, serenity settles thick as fog over a scene that could be no place but Big Sur. More-->

Luxury California eco-hotel wins top Small Luxury Hotels award:
Post Ranch Inn is SLH 'Hotel of the Year'
The Post Ranch Inn, a luxury eco-hotel in California, has been named Hotel of the Year for 2004 by Small Luxury Hotels of the World.
The environmentally-sensitive 30-room property overlooks the Pacific along the Big Sur coastline and strongly supports measures to conserve resources whilst also helping to protect threatened flora and fauna.

August 9, 2004
Fire station going up
Volunteer effort in Palo Colorado
By Kevin Howe
Something like an old-time barn raising will take place in Palo Colorado Canyon this month as the bare bones of a new fire station go up in the rural community on the Big Sur coast.
The project comes after 20 years of fund-raising efforts by the Mid-Coast Fire Brigade to get a station to house the all-volunteer department's three engines and provide an office and training space. More-->

July 14, 2004
Post Ranch Inn awarded the #3 spot in the World's Best Hotels: Continental U.S. and Canada
Post Ranch awarded #26 Worlds Best Hotel worldwide. More-->

June 23, 2004
Janet Lesniak, general manager of the Big Sur River Inn, will chair the Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau (MCCVB) Board of Directors for fiscal year 2004-05.
Lesniak has been an MCCVB board member since the organization was formed in 2000. Her hospitality experience includes 15 years at the Big Sur River Inn, which her family has owned for the past 16 years. Download complete press release. (8k pdf)

Sat, Jun. 19, 2004
Hidden Gardens Tour allows the public to look behind the scenes
Herald Staff Writer
When most of us wend our way through the spectacular vistas of Big Sur, the focus is on the landscape, not the landscaping.
That is, passersby tend to gaze fixedly at nature's offerings of sea, sky and rugged terrain. But there are remarkable gardens here as well -- and often with these same fabulous features serving as counterpoint. More-->

May. 15, 2004
Withering disease ravages local abalone population
David Sneed
The Tribune
A pernicious disease that has all but wiped out black abalone along much of southern and central California's rocky shoreline has been spotted in Cambria for the first time.
If withering syndrome takes root and spreads north throughout Big Sur, scientists fear it would push the black abalone to the brink of extinction. More-->

April 26, 2004
Chicks born to condors released into Big Sur
By Ken McLaughlin
For the first time since the Ventana Wildlife Society began its condor release program in 1997, condor chicks have been born outside of captivity to birds released into the wilds of Big Sur.
"It's definitely a significant milestone in the efforts to help recover the species," said Kelly Sorenson, executive director of the group. More-->

Big Sur Lighthouse Given To State Parks System
April 23, 2004
BIG SUR -- U.S. Secretary of the Interior headlined a ceremony Friday transferring the historic Big Sur lighthouse to the California State Parks Department. More-->

April 22, 2004
A mile-by-mile look at Big Sur Marathon
It's a little after 4 a.m. on Sunday morning and you're riding on the bus to the start of the Big Sur International Marathon.
You've been preparing for a long time now. Perhaps you've taken the classes offered by the race, run parts of the course, driven other parts.
You're never going to forget what you are about to experience. Here's a mile-by-mile preview of what to expect, a virtual marathon if you will, prepared by Sally Smith of BSIM with a little editorial help from Herald Correspondent Ryan Masters. More-->

April 18, 2004
In Big Sur, war waged over land and lifestyle
By Virginia Hennessey, Herald Salinas Bureau
In Big Sur, they're calling the process "Pac-Man National Park," the bite-by-bite acquisition of private land by government agencies and land trusts.
The idea of placing what is arguably the most beautiful stretch of coastline on earth into public hands might seem a good thing to the 4 million people who visit Big Sur each year.
But for many Big Sur residents, it signals the destruction of a community that existed before California was a state. More-->

April 9, 2004
Forest Vision Extends Into Hearst Tract
U.S. agency looks at idea for preserve encompassing Ft. Hunter Liggett and portions of Los Padres land.
By Kenneth R. Weiss, Times Staff Writer
BIG SUR, Calif.
The U.S. Forest Service is considering creating a Big Sur National Forest that could include the Hearst Ranch and Ft. Hunter Liggett, if the enormous U.S. Army base is shuttered in the Pentagon's coming round of base closures. More-->

March 28, 2004
Big Sur's wild coastline makes travelers one with the elements
By Judith Gaines, Boston Globe Correspondent, 3/28/2004
BIG SUR, Calif.
-- If the Western United States is often called Big Sky Country, this part of California must be Big Sea Country.
Here, the Santa Lucia Mountains rise an average of 3,000 feet within less than 3 miles of the ocean, and some peaks soar to nearly 6,000 feet. More-->

March 20,2004
Romance of Big Sur
BIG SUR, Calif.
Stephen Copeland exclaimed excitedly as he crashed toward us through the underbrush. His cupped hands held a bounty of pillowy, light-brown oyster mushrooms, freshly plucked from an oak log. More-->

March 20, 2004
Find your inner Winslow Homer at Big Sur
BIG SUR, Calif.
A towering headland. A rocky cove swirling with sea foam. A stand of Monterey pines on a steep hillside. The rugged coastline and inland wilderness of Big Sur have provided inspiration for artists. More-->

March 15, 2004
Two Camps in Big Sur
An aging, dwindling population and strict development rules hurt the area, some say. For others, it's a matter of preserving the land.
By John Johnson, LA Times
BIG SUR, Calif. For years, the Phrase "Save Big Sur" meant preservation of the timeless forests and streams perched high above the Central California Coast.
Now it means the people. More-->
Download LA Times article with photos (PDF)

March 8, 2004
As Big Sur thrives, namesake town frets
Some town residents fear they are being priced out as preservationists snap up land in central California's famously beautiful coastal region.
John Fleming - Special to the Chicago Tribune
BIG SUR, Calif. -- Spread out along this wild coastline with its back to the Santa Lucia Range is a scattering of buildings that passes as this area's only settlement.
Tourists motoring down state California Highway 1 can't miss it, for the assembly of neat inns, tiny galleries and filling stations is the only interruption of pure nature for many miles.
The people in Big Sur will tell you they will do anything to keep it this way. Anything that is, except kill the community. But that is what many here say is happening. More -->

February 9, 2004
Cleese on finding Holy Grail Satirist of religion in Monty Python now a spiritual man
Don Lattin, San Francisco Chronicle
John Cleese and his co-conspirators in the Monty Python comedy troupe always loved to the skewer the sacred.

Their satires on the search for the Holy Grail, the life of Jesus (a.k.a. "Brian") and the pomposity of Sunday morning worship are among the cult classics of cinematic heresy.

And now for something completely different ...

Cleese, who turned from Anglicanism to atheism at his British boarding school, has discovered the Meaning of Life. And he found it in the mineral baths at the Esalen Institute -- the famous spiritual retreat on the Big Sur coast. More-->

January 22, 2004
Ladybugs by thousands dotting new coastal hide-out
Regina Nuzzo
Monterey County Herald (Monterey, Calif.)
MONTEREY, Calif. - Spotting a ladybug is said to bring blue skies, abundant crops and all-around good luck. If that's true, the Central Coast appears to have hit the jackpot. More-->

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monarch butterfly, monarch butterflies, big sur california
monarch butterfly, monarch butterflies, big sur california
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