monarch butterfly, monarch butterflies, big sur california
monarch butterfly, monarch butterflies, big sur california
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In The News is a collection of news related articles or links to articles about Big Sur that are in current newspapers or publications.
Sunset Magazine March 2006
National Geographic Traveler
For more articles about Big Sur in National Geographic Magazine, Click Here!
PBS broadcasts NATURE Series Living Edens: Big Sur.

National Geographic: Paddling in Big Sur
Sure, the waters along California Highway 1 are daunting. But as Peter Heller disco vered, skilled kayaking guides are making this spectacular coastline accessible to more than jus thte hard core.
A quarter mile off the coast of Big Sur, paddling sea kayaks into the teeth of a 15-knot wind and building swell, and I was dividing the visible world into things to think about and things to ignore. More-->

America's Byways
Big Sur Coast Highway designated American National Scenic Byway
Send a Big Sur online postcard from the America's Byways website


Nomad's Refuge
Treebones ResortCheck into secluded Treebones Resort, and enjoy the best of Big Sur.
Text by Jeff Book
As it twists along the central California coast, fabled Highway 1 carries far more convertibles than your average road. Given a choice, who'd want to shut out any of Big Sur's cinematic scenery with a hardtop? Still, even with their roofs retracted, few motorists notice the soft-tops clustered above them, on a bluff overlooking the Pacific. They're yurts, the round tents long favored by nomads on the vast steppes of Mongolia. At Treebones Resort, they've proven equally well-suited to the grandeur of Big Sur. More->>

First birds born in wild in over a century are healthy
The Monterey County Herald
Herald Staff Report
Article Last Updated: 07/23/2007
The first condor chicks being raised in the wild in Big Sur in a century appear to be doing fine, according to wildlife biologist Joe Burnett of the Ventana Wildlife Society.
Biologists last week checked a condor nest in a redwood tree in Big Sur to examine a 72-day-old female chick there, he said. The chick weighed 13 pounds. More->>

Pfeiffer BeachDr. Beach & Travel + Leisure rate America's best beaches
Beaches, including local Southern California ones, are rated on beauty, and that’s swell.
By Mary E. Forgione, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
June 22, 2007
Whom are you going to believe: the doctor or the editors? and Travel + Leisure magazine recently released their picks for America's top beaches. The list you follow depends on your own criteria, but you can pick and choose from each. More-->>

Big Sur nears start
Annual running event is Sunday
The Salinas Californian
Rather than a traffic jam, there will be a people jam Sunday on Highway 1 from Pfeiffer State Park to Rio Road in Carmel.
The 22nd Big Sur International Marathon has attracted another sellout crowd, with an estimated 12,000 walkers and joggers expected to participate in one of six races connected to an event that has grown in popularity nearly every year.
"We're going to have more people than ever before,'' said race director Wally Kastner.
The marquee event is the 26.2-mile marathon, which has received rave reviews from just about every major running publication.
The BSIM has been called the "best marathon in North America'' by the Ultimate Guide to Marathons, while Bert Yasso of Runner's World magazine has been quoted as saying, "If you're only going to run one marathon in a lifetime, Big Sur would be it.'' This year's BSIM sold out in March. More-->>

Top ten environmentally-friendly places to stay
Monday, 23 Apr 2007 12:38
Four in ten travellers say they are environmentally concerned, a new survey finds.

Top Ten Environmentally Friendly Places to Stay - Post Ranch Inn

Research from, which also reveals the top ten eco-friendly places to stay, shows over one in three holidaymakers say they would be prepared to pay extra for environmentally-friendly accommodation and greener flights. Post Ranch Inn was ranked 3rd in the world for being a green resort.

Additionally, two-thirds of travellers think environmentally-friendly travel is making a difference to the environment. More-->>

Monterey County Weekly - The Littlest CondorThe Littlest Condor
An incredible journey from a cliff-top cave in backcountry Big Sur to the Los Angeles Zoo—and back.

Apr 19, 2007
By Stuart Thornton
In a remote canyon in the Big Sur backcountry, Sayre Flannagan stared at the face of a 300-foot cliff a third of a mile away. As her handheld radio-tracker blipped like a radar detector, Flannagan, a Ventana Wildlife Society (VWS) biologist, had finally located a 10-year-old male condor that she and her colleagues refer to as Number 168. More-->>

Condor takes flight before hatching
Egg travels from L.A. Zoo to Ventana
Herald Staff Writer
The Ventana Wilderness may be sheltering the ultimate Easter egg.

An about-to-hatch California condor egg was placed in a cliffside nest Friday by the Ventana Wildlife Society as part of an elaborate switch aimed at getting insight into condor development and propagating the endangered species of giant carrion eaters in the wild.

The condor chick, expected to hatch Easter Sunday, is already pecking at its shell and could be heard "vocalizing," said Kelly Sorenson, executive director of the Ventana Wildlife Society. More-->>

Big Creek, Big Sur
At Big Creek in southern Monterey County, researcher Mark Jessop tries to locate fish with an instrument atht detects sensors placed in the young steelhead.

Undersea canyons, steep cliffs at pristine Big Creek site
Herald Staff Writer

At Big Creek in southern Monterey County, researcher Mark Jessop tries to locate fish with an instrument that detects sensors placed in the young steelhead.
Forty-five miles south of the Carmel River is a secluded refuge few know about and fewer still can visit.

It's a place where cactus meets redwood, where condors soar and a yellow submarine tools about in the deep offshore waters. More-->>, The Guide to the Good Life
Top 10 Romantic Destinations on Earth
February 1, 2007
Beauty indeed is in the eye of the beholder, yet somehow a setting—any setting—is exquisite when you’re in love. Exploring the world together is just plain romantic, and as you plumb the depths of these locales near and far you’ll surely be stimulated in more ways than one. From mountains to coastline, from metropolis to wilderness, our list includes the eclectic and the classic. The only thing to remember is that wherever the two of you find yourselves, love makes the ideal traveling companion. More-->>

Big Sur
Jeff Pflueger for the New York Times

The New York Times
Big Sur Without the Crowds
By Gregory Dicum
New York Times
January 7, 2007
WHEN he moved there from France in 1940, Henry Miller, who had grown up in Brooklyn, called Big Sur his “first real home in America.” Running from Carmel, 150 miles south of San Francisco, to San Simeon, Big Sur's mass of tight mountains pushes brazenly against the Pacific swell. Kelp forests sway at the feet of rugged sea cliffs. Deep valleys shelter some of the southernmost redwoods. The only way through this fastness is along winding, breathtaking California Route 1. More-->>

Big Sur landowners take initiative to protect steelhead
Herald Staff Writer

Ken EkelundORVILLE MYERS/The Monterey Herald
Ken Ekelund, president of the Garrapata Creek Watershed Council, shows how road improvements next summer will help spawning steelhead trout. Part of the council's goal is to prevent runoff of sediment into Garrapata Creek and two tributaries.
It's not a good mix. Lots of dirt and gravel running off backcountry roads into streams where steelhead trout go to spawn.

All the sediment mucks up the gravel the fish need to make new steelhead. Too much dirt can suffocate eggs laid in the creek beds.

Chef von Foerster brings home the taste of paradise with 'Sierra Mar Cookbook'
Herald Food Editor
Craig von Foerster walks a fine line in his kitchen, flush with fear in the knowledge that the tiniest of overlooked details can make the difference between a nice meal and a pinch-me experience.

And at Sierra Mar restaurant at Post Ranch Inn, stunningly perched atop a cliff to afford panoramic views of the majestic Big Sur coastline, pinch-me experiences keep the bills paid -- and the wowed guests coming back for more.

Sunday, October 1, 2006
Nothing wrong with the low road at Ventana Campground offers access to splendors of Big Sur, civilized dining at budget rate
Christina Ducklow, Special to The San Francisco Chronicle
Sunday, October 1, 2006
Ventana(10-01) 04:00 PDT Big Sur -- There seemed something a little wrong about whipping out a cell phone and making a dinner reservation from our tent. It went against all camping ethos that I know of, but so was being so unprepared -- all my boyfriend and I had packed to eat for two days in the Ventana Wilderness was a couple of bags of Gorp.

Thursday, September 28, 2006
Scientists unveil high-definition images of huge airship sunk in 1935
USS MaconBy Ken McLaughlin
Mercury News

Courtesy NOAA and MBARI
Pictured is the nose or bow of the U.S.S. Macon, a U.S. Navy dirigible which crashed into the Pacific Ocean off Point Sur in 1935. The dirigible and the four Sparrowhawk aircraft it carried came to rest on the ocean floor some 300 meters below the surface.

Northern California scientists today released the first high-definition images of the wreckage of the USS Macon, the monstrous Navy dirigible that crashed off the Big Sur coast 71 years ago.

More photos and Video available at the website: Historical and contemporary clips of the USS Macon

USS Macon Crash site
USS Macon crash location

Sunday, June 26, 2006
BIG SUR, Calif. -- A 39-foot humpback whale washed ashore over the weekend at Molera State Park, about a half-mile south of the mouth of the Big Sur River.
People can access the beach where the whale washed ashore.
State officials said the dead whale will be towed out to sea and will not be allowed to rot on the beach.

Dead Humpback Whale

Sunday, June 4, 2006
Condor gets lesson upon release
Herald Staff Writer

David Royal/The Herald
Ventana Wildlife Society intern crew chief Sayre Flannagan coaxes California condor No. 357 into the air at the Ventana Ridge release site in Big Sur on Sunday.
When condor No. 377 stepped out of a dog kennel and onto a patch of dried grass high in the mountains overlooking Big Sur Sunday afternoon, she was about to receive an etiquette lesson from one of her own.

After takeoff, one of more than 40 condors previously released in Big Sur by the Ventana Wildlife Society swooped down and took aim at the 1-year-old. More-->>

Tuesday, May. 09, 2006
Condor effort wins grant
The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation has given $75,000 to the Ventana Wildlife Society to support efforts to boost the California Condor population.

The grant was announced Tuesday by Rep. Sam Farr, D-Carmel, who called the action "great news, especially following on recent sightings of nesting and feeding condors along the Big Sur coastline." More-->>

Diversion Magazine (Smart Money)
30 Trips of a Lifetime
By Tom Passavant
Published: April 28, 2006
For the past 30 years, Diversion has been telling you where to go. Now, to celebrate those 30 years, we've gone back into our files, consulted with our most trusted contributors, lobbied and argued for our favorite destinations and ultimately created one audacious — and way too short — list of the world's best trips. We limited ourselves only by excluding places that require practiced skills — so no golfing at St. Andrews or skiing the Alps. Here are 30 travel experiences that are guaranteed to leave a lasting, even life-changing, impression. More-->>

Pair of california condors found nestingin Big Sur
First such discovery in Northern California in more than a century
By Ken McLaughlin
Mercury News
The herculean effort to save North America's largest bird from extinction has reached a milestone: California condors have been discovered nesting in Northern California for the first time in more than a century.
California CondorOn Monday, a biologist spotted a male and female condor displaying nesting behavior inside a hollowed-out cavity of a large coastal redwood tree in Big Sur, the Salinas-based Ventana Wildlife Society announced Tuesday. More-->

Bob Edwards of XM/NPR interviews several Big Sur locals in a series about Henry Miller.
Henry Miller Big Sur. Original broadcast was in December 2005.
Listen to the four part Bob Edwards interview.

Condors can fly forever, but they're still in trouble
Tom Stienstra
Sunday, March 5, 2006
High above a coastal ridge in the Ventana Wilderness, three California condors sailed in wide circles. The condors' 9-foot wingspans were giant black silhouettes against the sky.

We drove another half mile south on Highway 1 and then parked on a dirt pull-off, eager to scan the hills with binoculars. To my shock, just 20 feet away, I found myself looking into the ruby eyes of a condor. More-->

Big Sur's Eloquent Silence
Peter DaSilva for The New York Times
The Sierra Mar Restaurant at Post Ranch Inn. The Big Sur region of Central California, guests can view the Pacific Ocean.
Sierra Mar Restaurant at Post Ranch Inn
Published: February 24, 2006
BEFORE he commissioned the overblown confection that became Hearst Castle, the newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst and his family would travel to that same spot on the Big Sur coast of California for a vacation in more modest lodgings — a series of tents. The arrangements were rustic but stylish: striped fabric walls, wooden floors, writing desks, rugs and even separate tents for entertainment. More-->

Inaugural AMGEN Tour of California Professional Cycling Race Prepares to Take to the Roads of California in February 2006

AEG Reveals Dates, Route, Title and Broadcast Sponsor for Highly Anticipated Tour de France Style Stage Race

LOS ANGELES, November 2, 2005 - California will provide the stunning backdrop for the inaugural Amgen Tour of California in February 2006, a professional cycling race modeled after the Tour de France, the details of which were announced by race presenter AEG today. From February 19-26, 2006, 16 professional cycling teams from around the world will compete across 700 miles of scenic California roadway from San Francisco to Redondo Beach, Calif. in the UCI- and USA Cycling-sanctioned race. Amgen, Inc, the world's leading biotechnology company (based in Thousand Oaks, Calif.), is the race's title sponsor. ESPN2 is the official broadcast partner. More-->

Celebrated Weekend
Jagged Little Thrill
By James Mayfield

Four Seasons tops hotel honour list
Our guide to what's on worldwide
By Laszlo Buhasz and Adam Bisby
Wednesday, September 14, 2005
The Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, Calif., was voted No. 1 among U.S. resorts, and is the smallest hotel — at 30 rooms — to ever top the list. The Sanctuary on Kiawah Island, S.C., which opened just a year ago, came in at No. 15 on the resorts list. It is the first year-old resort to receive such a high ranking. More—>

Big Sur, Small Budget
Along the Northern California Coast, You Can Luxe Out Without Maxing Out
By John Briley
Special to The Washington Post
Sunday, June 26, 2005; Page P01
Ah, camping. The scent of the pines, the whisper of the wind, the concerto of chirping insects, the splat of a raindrop on my forehead. What the . . . ?

It's 2 a.m. and I have just been jolted from a deep slumber in a campground in California's Big Sur by a bead of moisture that somehow found its way through a seam in my tent -- the same tent that has, in 15 years of service, repelled every molecule of precipitation that the heavens have thrown at me. More-->

Author, poet, traveler Caryl Hill: Last of the Bohemians
by Susan Cantrell Quotable Notables
Sunday, June 26, 2005
Monterey Herald
Caryl Hill's interview was going to be a trip. She had prepared me, somewhat, by sending on the book, "Doing it with the Cosmos," by Elayne Wareing Fitzpatrick, in which it describes Hill's illicit love affair with author Henry Miller. It also states that during the Miller Centennial Celebration in Big Sur, Hill stepped to the microphone and made a shocking off-color remark about Miller's anatomy.

Was her language going to be censor material, such as Miller's literary feat "Tropic of Cancer"? Or the trilogy, "Sexus, Nexus and Plexus," of which he asked her to critique "Plexus"? More-->

Big Sur named "BEST OF AMERICA" by Reader's Digest Magazine
PLEASANTVILLE, NY (April 21, 2005) –
Big Sur has been named "Best of America" by the editors of Reader’s Digest magazine. This celebration of the wacky, wonderful and truly unique is featured in the May issue, on newsstands now.

The editorial team of Reader’s Digest scoured the country to compile the second annual "America’s 100 Best" issue, naming the 100 best people, places, ideas and innovations found only in America. After speaking to hundreds of experts and ordinary folk, the editors tested, tasted and debated everything from the Best New Pet Product to the Best Apple Pie to the Best Hip New Music. The resulting list is organized into six categories – Legacies, Passions, Adventure, Innovation, Time Off and Connections.
Download full press release

Treebones Resort in Big Sur provides nature with a healthy dose of nurture
Shirley-Anne Owden, Chronicle Staff Writer
Sunday, March 27, 2005
Monterey County

Off the grid and off the griddle.

That about sums up a new bed and breakfast at the southern end of Big Sur called Treebones, which indeed has its own power and water supply. And where the breakfast consists of make-your-own waffles.

Treebones -- the site of a former wood scavenging operation -- is situated on a cliff overlooking Highway 1 and has a spectacular, 180-degree view of the Pacific. Surrounded by Los Padres National Forest, it's about 25 miles south of Nepenthe and about 25 miles north of Hearst Castle, in the kind of remote place usually accessible only to campers. That's where the yurts come in. More-->

Big SurBig Sur book reveals springtime wildflower, wildlife, and fishing hikes
Berkeley, CA (March 2005) ----– Springtime in Big Sur is marked by vibrant flowers blooming across hillsides and grasslands, and wildlife coming back to life in the sky, land, and water. Big Sur’s pristine coastline offers the opportunity to see California gray whales make their annual journey south from the Bering and Chukchi seas to the warmer waters of Baja California, and later in the spring to view their trip north again. Visitors can also witness the birth of sea otters and elephant seals, whose peak mating season is in the late winter and early spring. The truly lucky will catch a glimpse of the rare California condor, which was recently reintroduced into the wild in Big Sur after facing extinction. Today more than 100 of the spectacular and unmistakable condors – whose wingspans can stretch to 11 feet wide – are flying free in California. Download Press Release. More information at Wilderness Press

March 5, 2005
Joining the 21st Century
River Inn's guests enjoy nature and the Net at the same time
Victoria Manley
Herald Staff Writer
Carved by its namesake and spotted with trees, Big Sur River Inn has a landscape that inspires slow-paced living.

Spanning a half-mile along Highway 1, the property embodies the faraway feeling that attracts visitors worldwide to Big Sur -- which explains why guest rooms there don't have telephones or televisions.

But beginning this weekend, the inn will offer something unexpected: free high-speed, wireless Internet access.

"This is uncharted territory," general manager Janet Lesniak said. More-->

January 28, 2005
Groups Eye Davidson Seamount For Different Reasons
Underwater Volcano Lies Off Coast of Big Sur
BIG SUR, Calif. -- A water war over control of Davidson Seamount -- an underwater volcano off the coast of Big Sur -- is pitting environmental and oil interests against each other.

Davidson Seamount is about 75 miles from Monterey and is the size of Mount Shasta. It's teeming with sea life that scientists have never seen before, so the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration wants to protect it. At the same time, the U.S. Department of the Interior wants to protect the site for possible oil and gas exploration.

Scientists said some of the creatures on Davidson Seamount are hundreds of years old. More-->

January 16, 2005
In Big Sur, a simple beauty
The rustic flavor of camping is blended with the comforts of a B&B at Treebones Resort.
By Craig Nakano
Gorda, Calif. — Once upon a time, a young couple purchased a hillside parcel on the southern Big Sur coast and dreamed of retiring there someday, turning an abandoned lumberyard into a family-run bed-and-breakfast.

For design inspiration, the couple recruited Cal Poly San Luis Obispo environmental architecture students, who used the B&B as a class project. Their recommendation: The inn should intrude as little as possible on the land. Its buildings, the students said, should be circular, in harmony with offshore winds and in keeping with the round tree trunks that peppered the grassy slopes. Nature, they said, should reign

January 13, 2005
Destination of the Week
To Sur, With Love
Vanessa Gisquet
A getaway to Big Sur, Calif. will put any sports car to the test. From San Francisco, the 150-mile drive south leads visitors to Highway One, a dramatic ribbon of road that hugs central California's precipitous coastline. Here, the Santa Lucia Mountains plunge almost perpendicularly into the sea. During rainy weather, rockslides can make this route somewhat treacherous, but unsurpassed views of the rocky Pacific coastline make the drive well worth the effort. The less adventurous can opt for a flight into nearby Monterey, just 30 miles away.

With more than 200,000 acres of protected shoreline, wildlife habitat, streams, forests and grasslands, part of what makes Big Sur so special is its unspoiled beauty. Across from Big Sur's hidden coves and cliffs, nestled on a wooded hillside, sits the Ventana Inn & Spa. This resort pulls off the rare feat of preserving the spirit of a secluded getaway while providing sophisticated amenities. More-->

In The News 2004
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50 places of a lifetime
National Geographic proclaims Big Sur to be one of "50 Places of a Lifetime."
monarch butterfly, monarch butterflies, big sur california
monarch butterfly, monarch butterflies, big sur california
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